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Serendipity Delhi - Sophisticated Retail Therapy in India's Capital

Charlotte Tottenham

To add to Delhi’s cosmopolitan vibe, Serendipity describe themselves as ‘Mughal meets Morocco via Mexico City and NYC’. Located in leafy Chhatarpur, a rural suburb of Delhi, their boutique Concept Store has an impeccable collection of handicrafts, furniture and clothing collected from all over the globe.

Serendipity is housed in a sprawling Haveli, which has been expertly and tastefully restored by creator Kuldeep Kaur. With large airy rooms, a beautifully decorated courtyard and an expansive rooftop terrace, this is a dreamy and serene place to while away a summer’s afternoon. Ensconced under a canopy with a glass of wine in hand and the curtains billowing in the breeze, it is hard to believe that you are so close to Delhi!

They host delicious weekly Sunday brunches in the winter and rooftop dinners on Saturday and Sunday in the summer (pre-booking required). Guarded by Serendipity’s pet monkey Sultan, and surrounded by cooling hues of turquoise and sea green, this oasis of calm is a great place to chill out and unwind after a long week.

Charlotte Tottenham

Everything in the Haveli is for sale, from the wall hangings to the hand-embroidered pouffes, and each room presents more treats than the last. I was greeted by a wealth of stunning textiles, delicate silks, unique light-fittings, rich mahogany, creative home décor and lovingly procured antiques. Personal favourites included a majestic antique Burmese bed, an adorable collection of block-printed cotton baby clothes, and their handmade linen kaftans, which are a particularly elegant way of doing battle with Delhi’s summer temperatures.

Every piece at Serendipity has been cleverly and lovingly put together to create this artistic sanctuary amidst a very hectic city and it is well worth a visit. (click on the pictures to go to link)

Kuldeep: +9198 1074 5141

238/4, Jonapur Village, Mandi Road, Delhi,110 047,

Follow them on Instagram for regular visual treats - @serendipitydelhi

Charlotte Tottenham

Charlotte Tottenham

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