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Devan's - the answer to my Delhi coffee woes

Charlotte Tottenham Travel Photography - Devan's
Devan's Charlotte Tottenham

As someone who spends a great part of her time fussing about finding good coffee, Delhi can present a bit of a challenge. All too often I am greeted with the poor excuse for a cup of coffee that is half a teaspoon of Nescafé in lukewarm water. Sadly, despite the numerous plantations in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka over 80% of the beans grown in India are exported.

Numerous cafés and restaurants in Delhi have cottoned on to the delight that is good coffee, but until recently I hadn’t found an independent shop for affordable, well-roasted, Indian-grown coffee to buy and take home.

I was therefore inordinately excited when I chanced across Devan’s whilst lost in Lodhi Colony. Devan’s is a small family-run boutique coffee shop that has been hand-roasting Indian coffee for over fifty years.

They use sight to determine the degree of the roast of every batch ensuring perfection. You choose your beans and then they will grind them for you before your very eyes, and you can even get creative and make unique blends from their great collection.

Charlotte Tottenham Travel Photography

Needless to say, I got very over-excited and have stocked up on a lifetime supply of coffee!

Available for delivery all over Delhi. Approximately 350 INR for 500 grams.

131, New Khanna Market, Lodi Colony, Delhi, 110003

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