Charlotte Tottenham

Narlai by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Manis Misra
Everest by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Charlotte Tottenham
Photo by Charlotte Tottenham

Charlotte is a writer, editor and social entrepreneur working in the social and environmental impact sector in Hong Kong. She is particularly interested in organisations focused on gender and families, as well as environmental causes and education. Charlotte is also passionate about social enterprise; the role that businesses can play in social change, whether through social impact consulting, service design, social enterprise and start-up incubation. 

She has recently finished London based social innovation fellowship Year Here, a postgraduate course that gives Fellows the tools and training for innovation in the social sphere. She also has a first-class English literature degree from the University of Edinburgh and plenty of overseas experience, having lived and worked in India and Nepal for three years. 


Her work as a travel writer, editor and documentary producer – as well as writing a charity column for the Financial Times – has given her an interest in how people’s stories are told. Her work with author Levison Wood on his books and documentaries gave her insight and experience of remote places and local voices.  She has volunteered for the Women’s Equality Party to help women make their voices heard in the national conversation. 

Having lived in South Asia for almost three years, Charlotte can provide travel advice on India and Nepal for a small fee.

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